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Are you an artist supporter?

Then you are right here! We are constantly and always looking for people who want to work reliably and concretely in a network that has the same values. For this reason we have developed the Mittelgrün Reisen ARTISTDEALER.

This is an industry platform designed to make it easier for artists and customers to quickly and easily find offers and services that they need in their artistic work anyway!


How are the people in our network?


You come from:

  • Music PR, media and marketing

  • Tour booking, music management, labels

  • a regional/national pop promotion agency

  • Photography, music production, musicians' health, design

  • or similar??

...and you're familiar working with artists, as well as their challenges?
Join our network or talk to us about workshops, impulse lectures, etc. on the subject of mental health in musicianship!

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