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Your heart beats for music.

Your dream: being able to live off of your passion.

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You work day and night to earn money with your passion, but you get stuck because:

  • the competition is high - anyone can be a producer and create good online profiles

  • there is always someone with more talent and more followers - how do i stand out?

  • There are only 24 hours in the day and you need sleep - the job always requires your full presence

  • Your networks and contactwere not useful for the "great success"

The secret recipe of "great" artists:

  • loyalty with partners, team and artists - permanent contacts instead of competitive thinking

  • Know-how in the music business -faster, more efficient work while saving your own energy

  • Knowledge of your own limits and intentional breaks

  • Well cared for instead of “discovered overnight” –Strong and sustainable networks

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This is Eric and Lena.

With more than 17 years of experience

in the music industry,

they know how you can make a living from your music.

Book your free 30-minute strategy talk and go on your "journey" to become an independent artist!

What other musicians say about our work (sorry its german at the moment):

Eric's and Lena's travel companions:

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